The Green Shoots Play School



  • Maintaining updates about the child’s performance by making regular observation and maintaining assessment card for all the students.
  • Conducting various events like sports day, annual day, nutrition day, art & craft exhibition as well as other events and activities.
  •  Celebrate special events like national and religious festivals to promote a feeling of camaraderie.
  • Prepare ‘Follow - up’ activities for kids for reinforcement.
  • Conduct counseling sessions for parents to enable them to learn about ‘positive parenting’.
  • Online updates about the events and various activities/ celebrations at The Green shoots. Appraisals will be forwarded to parents regarding the growth and development of their child.
  • Hold a parent–teacher meeting at  regular intervals to discuss progress of the child.
  • Conduct regular physical growth check for children and provide feedback to the parents. 
  • Review by a child psychologist, if required, and interaction with parents to discuss the problems they face with their kids with a view to resolve such issues.
  • With a teacher – student ratio of 1:10, each child  gets  personal  attention and is taken care of by a team of professionally trained teachers. We upgrades skills of the child to enable them to graduate from play school to nursery standard for admission to the formal schools. Stress is laid through progressive and interactive teaching methodology & educational practices.
  • The curriculum at The Green Shoots is based on the mantra ‘Let children enjoy their childhood’ which helps them to develop strong roots & wings so that they approach life with a positive attitude. We usher the child into the world of opportunities where his/her personality blossoms.