The Green Shoots Play School


            If you ask us about the formula to become a good parent, the only answer we can give you is that ‘Parenting is an art and not a science’. There are no fixed rules, no decided formulae. The only rule you need  to keep in mind is, be a positive parent. Gather all the positivism and adopt all the positive ways namely love, freedom, appreciation, empathy; and you will be able to nurture healthy and happy children. Shun all the negatives of parenting which include nagging, criticism, punishment, over protection etc. and you’ll see the child showing remarkable improvement.

            The beauty of positive parenting is that it inspires you to be a positive human being. In the bid to be a role model, develop the muscle to be patient and appreciative, give unconditional love to your child. Positive parenting can alter your perspective about life and help you raise physically and emotionally healthy children. So be a positive parent, for your child and for yourself.

            Wishing You Happy Parenting!!!