The Green Shoots Play School


  • BREAK THE ICE Zone:  This room is beautifully decorated with large cut outs of animals, birds, flowers and cartoon characters so that new entrants enjoy and get attracted towards their first school. New entrants are welcomed in this room in the initial days till they become comfortable. Special activities to keep the little ones engrossed are carried out which also help to foster a bond between the student, teachers and the administrative facilitators.
  • Play Room: Probably, the most beautiful room for children to indulge in indoor recreation.
  • Play Areas:  As kids love to play, throw, catch balls, run about, jump and dive and simply be themselves, we have created a Ball Pool filled with balls of myriad colors.
  • Audio Visual Room:  This room is equipped with boards & LCD where kids are educated as well as entertained.
  • Child Development Center: This colorful center provides children all the tools and aids which foster their all round development
  • Auditorium: An auditorium with a stage is an integral part of the school where children are encouraged to perform in front of an audience which boosts up their confidence and they shed off all their inhibitions at an early age. 
  • Creativity Center: This is the place where the talents of children are discovered and honed. Music sessions, dance classes, craft workshops and painting sessions are conducted in this beautifully set up center.
  • Curiosity Corner: Teachers conduct simple experiment to  explain the various phenomena of nature and science.
  • Splash Pool: A child friendly baby pool is the most enjoyed facility in summers. Utmost care is taken to maintain a high standard of hygiene and also ensure safety of children.
  • Skating Rink: A well designed skating rink is under construction where children would be trained by a professional coach.