The Green Shoots Play School

 ABOUT US       

             Times are ever changing and the challenge of raising kids is more daunting than ever before. Parents are hard pressed for time and lack the patience as well as energy to provide quality time to their little ones. The Green Shoots Play School offers to play a key role and fill this void by providing an enriching environment where learning is full of fun and laughter, and kindles in kids the love for school. The Green Shoots assists parents to raise their children in the best environment and ensure that children have fun while learning besides encouraging them to derive maximum benefit from each day they spend with us.

               The Green Shoots has become the trend setter for pre-school education.

               The class room settings are vibrant and provide user- friendly furniture and aids to engage kids to make learning effective as also interesting. Every day provides a new step in a continuing educational journey.

               The daily schedule is scientifically structured incorporating a multidisciplinary approach to impart knowledge and bring out the best in every child by identifying his/her innate potential.